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Is Studying Abroad in the Summer Worth It?

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Is Studying Abroad in the Summer Worth It?

If you’re trying to decide whether studying abroad in summer is worth it, keep a few things in mind. One, study abroad doesn’t have to mean a semester away. Summer programs offer shorter stints that can be as short as two weeks and usually don’t require classes; they simply give you time to immerse yourself in another culture, language and environment. Two, college is about more than just classes: Interacting with others from other countries during your summers can give you an edge over your peers when you apply for jobs after graduation or head off to grad school.


If you’ve been thinking of studying abroad, it’s important to consider what type of program works best for you, your studies, and your needs. While it’s common to study for a semester overseas, summer travel programs for college students are not as commonly explored.

But the option to study abroad in summer should not be overlooked. Not only do summer programs offer all the benefits of a semester abroad, but they also have many perks you won’t get in a semester program.

Is studying abroad in the summer worth it? Here’s why you should study abroad over the summer instead of taking a semester abroad.

How long is study abroad in summer?

One of the perks to study abroad summer programs for college students is the length. While semester programs are set to last for three to four months, summer programs offer more flexibility.

Depending on your program, you could choose to study abroad in summer anywhere from one week to three months. If you’re having trouble committing to an entire semester away from home, this could be the perfect solution to ease your nerves while still getting a taste of the study abroad experience.

It’s a good idea to consider what programs are out there and their offerings. Many universities, like the University of Cambridge, offer flexible programs that you can tailor to create a personalized experience. For example, their summer programs range anywhere from one week to one month, with the possibility of taking courses in a wide range of subjects, from arts and humanities, to sciences, business, or global studies.


Other summer travel programs for college students offer the opportunity for an entire summer abroad. These will be closer in length to semester programs, but with beautiful summer sunshine!

Study abroad semester vs. summer: 5 differences

Is Studying Abroad in the Summer Worth It?

So you know you want to study abroad, but you’re considering a study abroad semester vs. summer program. Which one is the better option? Here are the biggest differences between semester and summer study abroad programs.

1. The program length.

While summer study abroad programs are quite flexible in length, they will always be shorter programs than semesters abroad. For some students, this is a deciding factor when comparing a study abroad semester vs. summer program.

Spending an entire semester abroad can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never traveled overseas on your own. With a shorter and more flexible program length, summer travel programs for college students are the perfect option for you to study abroad without overcommitting yourself to months away from home.

2. The price.

With shorter program lengths often comes a smaller investment. If you’re working with a tight budget and have a fear of burning through your savings, summer programs may be a better option cost-wise. However, depending on your program, that may not necessarily be the case—so if you have a restricted budget, be sure to do your research on program costs.

Usually, not only will you be away from home for a shorter amount of time (and therefore spend less money), but many study abroad summer travel programs for college students include room and board. That’s one less cost that you’ll need to factor into your budget outside tuition!

3. The people.

Is Studying Abroad in the Summer Worth It?

Summer study abroad programs attract a different crowd than semesters abroad. Because you’ll have the chance to study different subject areas during a summer program than you would during a semester, you’ll meet new people and easily make friends across different fields.

4. The class sizes.

Fewer students choose to study abroad in summer. What does that mean for you? Class sizes are smaller. Both semester and summer study abroad programs may find you in lecture halls, but summer programs are typically more intimate, allowing a more personalized study experience.

5. The learning opportunities.

When studying abroad for a semester, most students choose courses in alignment with their degrees. It’s common to branch out more during summer study abroad, as many programs offer diverse course options. If you have been wanting to explore new areas of interest, a summer abroad may be the perfect opportunity to learn outside of your comfort zone.

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So…is studying abroad in the summer worth it? 6 reasons pointing to YES

Is Studying Abroad in the Summer Worth It?

While every study abroad experience is different and every student has different goals and desires when it comes to studying abroad, summer programs are definitely worth it. Here are all the reasons you need to experience study abroad in summer at least once in your study career.

1. You can earn more credits in less time.

If you choose to study abroad in summer, you’ll be able to earn more credits outside of your standard semester credits. Why is this important? Well, for some it’s an opportunity to get ahead in their studies and advance through their degree faster. For others, it opens the door to exploring new interests.

If you don’t have enough time in your standard semesters to take electives, a summer study abroad experience could be the perfect solution to take classes that interest you, even if they don’t apply to your major.

Either way, you’ll collect more credits, which gives you greater flexibility as you advance through your degree.

2. You can soak up more of that university lifestyle.

Have you ever left campus for the summer with an intense feeling of FOMO lingering in your core? You’ve grown used to the independence, the never-ending social activities, the constant presence of your best friends.

Instead of going home for the summer, summer study abroad programs give you the chance to soak up even more of that university lifestyle. You may be in a new environment with new people, but you’ll have the chance to stay involved on a college campus all year round.

3. You’ll expand your network of friends.

Two of the best ways to meet new people are through study and travel. While you’ll make new friends no matter when and where you study abroad, a summer abroad experience will introduce you to a whole new circle of friends you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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Because summer study abroad attracts a different crowd and you have the opportunity to take courses you wouldn’t take in a standard semester, your social circle will expand to include friends with different interests.

Not only will this help to broaden your horizons, but it will also leave you with lots of new friends to visit in new countries after your study abroad experience.

4. The weather is amazing.

Is Studying Abroad in the Summer Worth It?

You’ll love sunny walks to class and warm evenings with friends.

If you choose to study abroad in the Northern Hemisphere, summer programs give you the opportunity to study abroad while the weather is perfect.

Instead of spending a semester trudging through cold and snow, why not spend your study abroad experience amidst sunshine, warmth, and long summer nights?

The entire vibe is different when you study abroad in summer. Yes, you’ll need to work hard, but you’ll also have more opportunity to play.

5. You’ll boost your resume.

Summer travel programs for college students are unique. It’s not the most obvious choice.

Anyone can study abroad during a semester, but choosing to spend your summer traveling meaningfully, collecting credits, and expanding upon your studies makes you stand out in the crowd.

If you’re considering ways to boost your resume and look good to future employers, a summer abroad will make you shine.

6. You can see more of the world.

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, why wouldn’t you consider study abroad over the summer? Instead of spending your summers at home, you can see parts of the world you may not have the opportunity to see otherwise.

Because the programs are much shorter, you may even have the opportunity to squeeze a few destinations into one summer, visiting some of your top destinations for the cost of spending just one semester abroad.

Study abroad over the summer for an unforgettable experience!

Is Studying Abroad in the Summer Worth It?

Studying abroad in the summer offers a completely different experience from a semester abroad.

Choose to study abroad in summer, and you’ll have a study abroad experience filled with added flexibility, new people, a variety of course options, and sunny days that make exploring your new city even more exciting.

Is studying abroad in the summer worth it? You know it! What more could your wanderlusting heart want?

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